I have come to the conclusion that the most important word in the English language or any language for that matter, is not what you might expect.  It isn’t love nor money…nor fame or even winning.  This word is powerfully insightful, and damnable at the same time…it is simply “WHY?”

When babies begin the terrible three’s and fours they get it.  Haven’t you ever notice that tykes are always asking WHY?  I can remember responding to a barrage of  that word from my son with…”because I say so!”  Why did I respond that way?  probably because I didn’t have the answer or the explanation was to deep for his young mind to comprehend; ergo “because I say so” sufficed to shut him up.

I mourn for a world that has forgotten to ask the simple question.  The asking of the question should not terrify any longer.  We should be asking WHY there is so much violence in the world.  WHY is everything black or white, left or right?  And to these questions we should demand answers. When you friend or candidate makes a bold pronouncement which either alters you relationship or your government just ask him/her WHY?  It takes no prep on your behalf;  you are asking to actively learn…to understand…to comprehend.

I have a friend who loves to use the phrase, I hate that guy!  Punctuation intended.  One day we were talking about the former Steelers player and now member of the Pro football hall-of-fame, Jerome Bettis.  I made a few complementary comments about The Bus, to which my friend exploded with,  “I hate Bettis!”

Taken aback as I was there were no words with which to respond.  Bettis is an institution in Pittsburgh and one who has never done anything to besmirched his rep or that of his team of his adopted city.  I hadn’t yet made this breakthrough in thinking about the word WHY? …so  just listened intently as he quickly went on to another subject.

When word came down that Bettis indeed  made it to the Hall the previous conversation had to resurected.  “How do you feel about Bettis now,” I asked.  He said he thought it was great.  Upon reminding him of the long ago and far away comments he stammered and stumbled and all but recanted his comment.  Methinks he forgot all about it but not me.  WHY, WHY did he say that back then?

…I just think about this stuff!