Some things…

Some things I think I think I think…I guess

My home phone rings all day from unknown sources trying to sell me magazines, reduce the interest rate on my credit cards  or pummel my senses with political robocalls.  Friday I got ” the last straw” call and just exploded.  I asked the caller why he was calling me and then proceeded to answer for him.  “You are going to try selling me some junk or service…well buddy you are barking up the wrong tree.”  Every time he tried to talk I ranted over him and finally I stopped and asked who he was (that was a personal question) hoping to get the perpetrators name.  He meekly uttered that he was Carl from the furniture store and we had an appointment to have him repair some delivery scratches.  Color me embarrassed…Thinking a lot about my mentor Joe Haley the Welsh Buddha, Boss Hogg.  Joe’s influence on me has been so overwhelming that now some 20 years after his death I am beginning to see what a gift he was.  He taught me that the least of us it greater than the best of us.  He completely changed my style of dress from 70’s bell bottomed leisure suits to adult boardroom.  He always said that good taste never goes out of style.  I learned to shoot crap in Vegas from him and also how to negotiate a contract with organized labor.  Never one to be interested in smoking, I developed an interest in fine cigars because his cigar was ever present.  Cheap shoes were the only ones I could afford way back then but he convinced me that spending a couple hundred bucks on a good pair would last me a lifetime.  He was right, I still have three pairs of Allen-Edmond’s shoes in my closet that I purchased in the 70”s.

…I just think about this stuff!