Throw…a most utilitarian word

If you want to have some fun observe how many times you hear the word THROW used in a sentence.  As the title might suggest it is a bit overworked.  Trying to learn Americanized English must be a horribly difficult thing to do.

The definition of the word is …to propel something with force by a movement of the arm and hand. Or to put in place quickly or erect or, project a voice or, put on or take off a garment hastily or, move a switch so as to operate a device or, obtain a specific number by rolling dice or, intentionally lose a race or contest or,  confuse or, lose a shoe or, send something or somebody to the floor.  Clear?

Based on those concise definitions you can:

Throw in, throw out, throw down and of course throw up.  You could throw a tantrum or throw a fit or throw a shoe or throw a bearing and if you really work at it you might throw your back out.

If you have a mind to you could celebrate by throwing a party or throw a shower.  Hell, you could throw a baby shower which, by it mere utterance’ could totally confuse a non-English speaking immigrant.

I love it when someone says let me throw some clothes on and run outside to throw a few steaks on the grill or,  if you are down under…throw some shrimp on the barbie.

Lets throw a nice little wedding and the bride will do all the expected things like throw the bouquet after we throw rice (please,don’t throw your arm out). Oh my, this all sounds expensive; looks like I am going to throw a lot of cash at this wedding.

Whew…I need a rest.  I should just gather some throw pillows on the sofa right there on that throw rug and hope all goes well so somebody doesn’t throw me under the bus.  If that happens I am going to throw some punches.  Relax…throw caution to the wind.  Remember not so long ago they were going to throw me out of school because the administration thought I was going to throw a ping pong tournament.

Now my head hurts from all this throwing stuff.  If I fall asleeep here on the couch, no worry, my wife will throw me into bed.

…I just think about this stuff!