The King is Dead

The King is dead.  Let’s let him die.

Ladies and Gentlemen…the worlds greatest golfer, at least in the last 20 years is no more.  Tiger Woods’ career has officially come to an end after a miserable showing at the Open at St. Andrews, 2015.  Oh sure, he will continue to attend as many events as he can secure sponsors exemptions but his spot on the tee sheet is just keeping another real golfer from competing.

I have been defending Tiger ad nauseum since his indiscretions and the trail of tramps but even I have to throw in the towel.  The reason I supported his golf…not his life, was the sense of glory that I remember.  His unbelievable shot making, putting and physique were an inspiration.  He seemingly never missed a putt and his drives were a wonderment.  His work ethic even to this moment is Herculean. But his game…!

Having never seen Bobby Jones play I thought watching Tiger perform was something really special.  Jack Nicklaus is generally considered the greatest golfer of all time but that would be in the professional ranks.  Jack beat Arnold Palmer early on in his career so therefore I hated Jack.  Now that he is a senior citizen extraordinaire I listen to Jack’s wisdom and the simplicity of golf  as he played it and wonder why I was such a lunkhead all those years.

I watched too much Arnie and infected myself with his outrageous but effective swing.  Not having the availability to watch round the clock golf, my images of “the swing” produced by western Pennsylvania finest was all I had to go on.  My office, from which I write this is a shrine The King of Golf.

Now into my 52nd  year of golfing I have finally extricated myself from that prison of a swing.  Along comes Tiger with the perfect everything.  I was making up for lost time…this is the greatest ever.  In the end he will be deemed the owner of the best 15-20 years in golf history but at the ripe old age of 39 he is done.


…I just think about this stuff!