Something that you cannot see

Before you go any further…consider this as a disclaimer.

I am a Christian and have been all of my life. Lots of years of Catholic education brought me to a state known commonly as faith.  Faith that there is a supreme being, God, the one who died for me on the cross.  I believe that with all my heart.

Recently I heard a commencement speech by former ESPN analyst and Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz at the College of Steubenville.  Holtz is always worth watching because he never fails to make you think and laugh and think again.  He struck many chords but none so haunting as his take on faith.  “Faith is believing in something that you cannot see.”  Huh…I never thought of that before.  That’s it!  I have agnostic friends who challenge that if he were the one true god (caps deleted for obvious reasons) then show his face.  If he said in the Bible that he will come again…then just do it.  Admittedly I have wondered the same thing myself.  Why doesn’t he just do it?   That, my friends and neighbors is called a lack of faith on my part.  Remember…faith is believing in something you cannot see.

I fly quite a bit and have logged a million miles in my life…think about my faith in flying.  I enter the steel tube, strap myself in and believe that the faceless pilot behind that sealed door will get me magically to my destination.  I don’t understand the dynamics of flight nor the vagaries of weather yet I have faith and believe with all my heart,  since my first flight at 16, that I will be safe.  I never talk to the pilot before or after the flight and 9 out of 10 times I never see him upon  deplaning,  yet I put my future existence and the hopes and dreams of all who love me in the pilots hands.  I have supreme faith that I will be saved.

Yet…those who are non-believers find my faith in God to be on some other level than their faith in pilots.

Curious-er and curious-er.

….I just think about this stuff!