Some things I think I think…again

Why is it that if there is a 50/50 chance of something happening I will be wrong most of the time.  I have tested it regularly and while I can’t say with certainty that I am always guessing wrong I will give it a high 80% number.  Regardless, I am a speech major and the math is secondary to everything…but it still stinks guessing wrong so often.  That is precisely why I don’t gamble.  If you were a betting man or woman and your poison was football games the 50/50 rule should make you a lot of money.  Nay,nay!  Conversely the only winner is the guy who takes the other side of the action.  You can only afford to play so many games each weekend, Bookies will play them all and when the results start pouring in and your teaser is a loser by 4:00 p.m.  On Book’s  300 games he only has to be right 50% of the time.  Next time somebody says its a 50/50 proposition trust me it absolutely is not.  Death to 50/50!

I understand now why Donald Trump is acting the way he is.  He is not a serious threat to be the leader of the free world but he is on a mission.  In a country that is so caught up in political correctness he is a breath of fresh air.  Most of what he says is not well thought out but it is from his heart.  He is saying what is on his mind and in his heart and for that he has become a pariah in some circles, read liberals.  But if you think that he thinks that he can win an election you both would be wrong.  No, his agenda is much bigger.  He wants us to get over ourselves and cut out the fear of speech which has replaced freedom of speech.  You have to give him credit; he has a voice, unfiltered as it is, and he uses it.  I for one enjoy the fact that he is not afraid to tell it like it is…according to The Donald.

…I just think about this stuff!