Get over it

I was once on a roll and then it happened.

In January of 2012 I decided it was time to forget I was an executive only.  My world had become a maze of meetings and assorted crap.  My career was coming to a conclusion, of my own doings and it was time to begin the next chapter of life…which I decided would be a redo of a short lived chapter from 1972, writing.  Sports to be exact, for a small newspaper and my beat was hockey and assorted other sports such as golf, sandlot baseball, professional baseball and football but primarily high school sports.  Ah, lets face it I was the rookie and  got all the assignments everybody else ignored, including the readers.  An itch developed in 2012…it needed to be scratched.

There has been this nagging idea that I was going to be published one day, not that I was harboring the next great novel in my subconscious but more to the point that I thought a lot about things and needed a place to park them.  So, where to start;  a blog of course.  My webmaster son arranged for a Go Daddy site and off and running was my mantra.  At first the ideas just gushed out of me and as every writer, master or novice will attest…soon the ideas stopped as did the regularity.  I was producing about one piece a month throughout 2013, the year I retired and then I really hit the wall.  Retirement got a hold of me and the fire inside went out.

After a year or so of nothings from my head it was time.  More stuff was ready for prime time and the search for an outlet became strong.  To my surprise the blog site  ceased to exist. A frantic call to my webmaster yielded the fateful news…it was indeed gone.  A series of mistakes had been made by Go Daddy and poof…all of my work was gone.  As much my fault as the site managers because I didn’t keep hard copies of everything…somethings but not all.

The sad thing is that I don’t even remember all of the topics, let alone the anger, confusion and longing for answers that were the catalyst for each posting in the first place.  Apparently there is a need inside to write about things that perplex me and once it is in print a healing takes place and all is forgotten.  Of course all would be right with the world if I could go back and read the blog…but nooooo.

“Well Daddy it’s gone” he said, and the time has come to get over it.  Today is that day.