Customer service isn’t

This has been a bad week for me as relates to customer service.  The election cycle just past might be the catalyst for bad responses by business with whom I deal or maybe it is me; you be the judge.

I have a mad money account with a local bank that I will not mention…but it has dollar in its name.  All I do is put money in the account and use a cash function on a bank issued card.  If the card is used once or twice a month it is a lot…most of the time I don’t even check the balance and that apparently is the rub.  You see if you don’t log in for a period of time your password is deleted and a long series of steps to get a new password is begun.  Now I am no genius but this process is not beyond my grade level.  Try as I could there seemed to be no way to get past the first step…my SS#.  A very complicated system which asks for partial numbers frankly frustrated me.  In the end I had to  call the dreaded customer service line.  Pulling my own head off is preferable to this call.  The rep, a very lethargic person  was frustrated with me and I with him. A one point…the tipping point, I confessed that this process, the bank account and this call were no longer of importance to me.  “How do I cancel this account,” I asked hoping to get another rep on the line.  His lethargic response was,  and I quote, “Go to a branch.” Not hey,  wait a minute sir, can we discuss this…or  sir you are an important customer and hope I can convince you to stay.  No, just go to a branch.  So I did…case closed.

I need a new keypad for a lift master garage door; the old one just can’t hack it anymore.  The preferred company will remain nameless but…it is not as precision as you might think.  A very confused receptionist switched me to another number to fulfill my request and promptly dumped my call.  Burning as I was from the preceding encounter with the bank another call to the company was instantly made.  Same receptionist…same routine this time a person answered the wrong call and started talking to somebody named Tom…not my name.  After stopping her in her tracks I was switched again, this time the person said she would have to call me back.  Seven days later no call back.  Upon calling back for the third time the order was placed and she said.  Let me get this straight…you want me to deliver a key pad to your home?  Seemed fair enough but let me tell you what I heard.  Hey dumb ass, cant you get your lazy butt to the home depot and pick one up yourself…like duh!!!  It’s all in the delivery.

…I jus