My personal tipping point

For about six years now I have enjoyed keeping up with my Facebook account.  It has been a great adventure, one that has connected me with old friends from work, college and the class of ’65.  I have watched my grand kids grow up on film, especially my two little guys in Florida.  I like to “lurk” and seldom ever write anything poignant or original.  Most of my posting are passing along funny or heartwarming items to my “Friends.”

My first “first person” comment was last Sunday.  I had enough of the rancor, name calling and lies posted on my page.  I quit…no more Facebook for me until this is over.  The Presidential campaign has caused me a lot of personal angst that can be summarized in a short statement; Is this the best we can do?

This is clearly a hold your nose and vote election for a lot of us and particularly me…but that is what an election is supposed to be about these days…pick the lesser of two evils and hope for the best.  What a sad state of affairs! In other words, the system is terminally broken.  I get that but that doesn’t mean that my Facebook page has to be the garbage can into which the invective gets tossed indiscriminately.  I can read all the dissenting opinions needed in the several newspapers I read each day.  Consider this when you are dumping your anger on my page you are keeping me from seeing my youngest grandson takes his first steps.  Think about that.

The tipping point for me was a picture one of my Friends posted of a conservative talking head, Laura Ingraham.  She was caught supposedly giving a Nazi salute while at the RNC podium.  The posting went on to say that the entire audience was giving that salute like a bunch of crazed Nazi’s.  It was a powerful image…hopefully  you saw it.

The problem was that it was one frame from a video of her speech in which the young lady was speaking about the unfair media seated in the power boxes ringing the arena.  I saw the real time address and what she did was to raise her arm with a sweeping motion to include each of the gathered ink stained wretches, as newsies were called in my day in that business. She carefully swept her outstretched arm back and forth to make sure the audience to whom she was speaking at the time realized it was inclusive of all of them.  Powerful moment for her.

How dare somebody  take a frame out of context and indict the entire Republican party.  That was my tipping point.

Surely there will be more of this garbage in the months to come from both camps.  The die is cast and election is on…God help all of us.


…I just think about this stuff